iKey Transpose

iKey Transpose is the 2nd app in our iKey series. iKey Transpose is a simple, no-frills musical key transposition reference tool. This app will simply allow the user to visually transpose between all of the possible major and minor keys and view each note and chord of both keys and how they relate to each other. Imagine your asked to switch from the key of A to the key of D flat. Now maybe you know all of the notes of D flat are flat except for F and C. You may even know some of the chords of that key. Say you have music written in A. Now you can see that any time you see B minor you will know that you will transpose it to a E flat minor. iKey Transpose will appeal to professional, student and hobbyist musicians. iKey Transpose is exceptionally easy to use and is handy as a quick reference for the pro or the key to understanding how keys relate for the student or hobbyist. 

iKey Transpose Screen